Tobacco is linked to over 15 types of cancers. Although, there are efforts to reduce tobacco sales to minors, more can be done to reduce environmental exposure to cigarette smoke. Open areas like sidewalks, worksites, and housing, as well as public events can become smoke-free or having smoking-designated areas to accommodate areas to accommodate everyone.

Suggestions to plan for clean air:

  • Work with your landlord to limit your exposure to tobacco smoke.
  • Devise a system to follow-up with patients who want to quit smoking.
  • Ensure smoking-designate areas are at a safe distance from non-smokers.
  • Enforce existing smoke-free policies on school grounds.
  • Limit role-modeling of the use of tobacco products.
  • Engage youth to clean-up the parks and determine pollution caused by cigarette litter.
  • Celebrate smoke-free retailers.

To better understand the current health realities Kern County is facing, download these CTA-developed infographics. Please feel free share this information with others!