Good nutrition is an essential part of good health, but knowledge is not enough to change the eating habits and lifestyles of our residents. Many Kern County residents do not have readily available, easily accessible, or affordable nutritious options in their communities. This is an existing barrier in several rural areas of the county. In addition, not all communities have equal access to physical activity resources or environments that support an active lifestyle. Issues such as accessibility to safe outdoor areas to play, the presence of sidewalks to get around by foot, or the ability to bike safely, all affect a person’s capacity to be physically active in their communities. Through Call to Action our community will work to eliminate health disparities and increase access to healthy foods and opportunities for active lifestyles in all of Kern County.

Ways to make healthy eating and active living achievable:

  • Facilitate the process to allow community gardens to sell their produce.
  • Prescribe healthy behaviors for patients, like dancing for 10 minutes.
  • Ensure meetings allow for hydration and activity breaks!
  • Start a school garden so you can teach and they can taste.
  • Educate parents about nutritious food.
  • Use MyPlate as a guide for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Try a cooking class.
  • Have your students to 2-minute breaks between learning sessions.
  • Join a social media campaign that promotes physical activity—share ideas.
  • Start a walking group in your neighborhood.
  • Enforce existing policies that allow community residents to use public facilities.

To better understand the current health realities Kern County is facing, download these CTA-developed infographics. Please feel free share this information with others!