Did you see Call to Action at Public Health’s Health & Wellness Festival last Sunday, April 21? This annual event brings together departments and services from the county and community to give you healthy resources and education.

Call to Action staff was there to give you fun tips and facts about the coalition, Kern County, policies, and healthy tips. See if you can answer any of the questions we asked (answers are below):

Test your knowledge!

1. According to the California Health Interview Survey, in 2009, what percentage of adults walked for fun, exercise, or transportation?
a. 30%
b. 50%
c. 70%
2. How many working groups does Call to Action have?
3. How many minutes of exercise should adults participate in each day?
a. 10 minutes/day
b. 20 minutes/day
c. 30 minutes/day
4. True or False: It is illegal to smoke in the lobby of a public building in Kern County.
5. True or False: Advocating for bikes or sidewalks in your neighborhood are examples of policy or environmental changes.

1. C. 70%
2. 7
3. C. 30 minutes/day
4. True
5. True
See if you can find Call to Action at other outreach events J.