A group of women from the Greenfield community in Bakersfield have used local resources to make Stiern Park a safer park for families to enjoy and exercise at the same time! Some changes to the built environment include:

  • Graffiti removal
  • Sidewalk installation
  • Improved playground equipment
  • Shade structure built

With changes to the built environment, a culture of health has been created.

  • Free Bailoterapia classes, sometimes with up to 50 women in attendance.
  • Park clean-ups by the community to promote the health and safety of all families.

The Greenfield Walking Group allows all individuals in the neighborhood to embrace a healthy lifestyle and feel comfortable in their neighborhood. Similar efforts are being made in parks all over Bakersfield, like at Rexland Acres Park. Check out the video below to hear their story.

Rexland Acres Park