Today marks the 40th annual Great American Smokeout Day, which is an initiative to promote tobacco-free living and healthier lifestyles. Reports show that approximately 42 million Americans still smoke cigarettes, 12.4 million smoke cigars, and over 2.3 million smoke tobacco in pipes (American Cancer Society, 2015). Tobacco use is harmful to every organ of the body and causes many undesirable health effects such as heart disease, lunch cancer, and stroke (CDC, 2015). As a result, restaurants, medical facilities, schools and more are adopting smoke-free policies to protect the public from secondhand smoke exposure, as this can also cause some of the same health threats. Make a decision today and take a step towards a healthier life in order to decrease your health risks. Learn what you can do to quit today, by checking out these resources American Cancer Society and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.