Engaging EDUCATORS from all levels to advance strategies that prevent chronic disease.

“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and the youth.” –Chanakaya

Educators in Kern County are striving to provide healthy and safe learning environments for students from all ages. In recent years, initiatives like the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign have heightened awareness of the obesity epidemic affecting the United States, with specific focus on youth. Health problems once associated with older adults are becoming more prevalent in young adults, and in many cases can be prevented.

Early Childhood

Local early childhood centers are changing the policies affecting children from zero to five years of age. The Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Childcare (NapSAAC), a pilot with Garden Pathways, has provided a foundation for nutrition and general policy improvement to ensure children are receiving appropriate nutrition.

School Health Council

When it comes to the older kids, our education leaders are also discussing wellness policies to make healthy food and physical activity available for all children in Kern. This work group is planning to re-establish a School Health Council to bring educators, nurses, food directors, and administrators to the table and discuss the healthy environments children can thrive on.

To learn more about the NapSAAC areas for improvement (nutrition, feeding & breastfeeding, physical activity, outdoor play, and screen time) and the School Health Council, join us at our next Education Work Group Meeting.

Next Meeting:

For information on attending Education working group meetings, please contact Lisa Gilbert at *protected email*.