Welcome to the Call to Action Coalition!

In 2008, public health officials took a stand against the obesity and chronic disease epidemic in Kern County. According to numerous sources of data, Kern’s health had a grim health outlook compared to other counties in California:

  • 60% of the population (teens and adults) were reported as having a BMI that indicated they were overweight or obese
  • #1 in deaths related to heart disease
  • #2 in deaths related to diabetes

In collaboration with a number of community leaders, the Kern County Call to Action: Chronic Disease and Obesity Action Plan was developed in 2010. The plan was based on the Ecological Model and San Diego’s Call to Action for Childhood Obesity Prevention.

With support from local organizations, community leaders, and various funding sources, Kern County has placed itself in a position to improve the health of its residents. In 2014, the coalition has undergone some structural changes to better serve the needs of the community. As a result, the work groups have been modified. Currently, the new work groups are: Education, Health, and
Government & Business.

So we thank you for your interest in collaborating with other community members and local organizations to work on preventing chronic disease and obesity in Kern County! As a partner, you benefit from participation in CTA activities in a number of ways, including: access to community partners and experts working toward a common cause, the opportunity to link projects to a larger community wide plan, training events, and access to the CTA monthly Education Series.

Mission Statement

“The Call to Action for a Healthy Kern is a team of diverse partners who engage and empower our community to create a culture of health. We work to enhance opportunities for health and well-being by creating positive changes in the environment where we work, live and play.”


“To create a culture of health and well-being in Kern County”